Project Description

BACKGROUND is a free web-based platform that puts the power of the machine readable web in your hands. Using their tools you can create an API or crawl an entire website in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, no coding required.

They had been voted Best Startup by O’Reilly Strata Santa Clara, GigaOM and Web Summit. And the are backed by top European VCs and Valley-based angel investors.

I collaborated with them as UX & product designer consultant to help them re-shape their overall user experience and product (scrapping tool & website).



User research to improve overall user experience


Redesign the product to fit user finding, business model and make it as intuitive and delightful as possible


Be the user champion, establish a user-fist culture!

First of all when I joined the team I helped them to define their main users groups and personas. They had a very wide user target = anybody who wanted to extract easily data from the web without writing code.

We divided this in:

  • Technical users (advanced users)
  • Non technical users

The second user group is the most critical one as a tool as complex as scares people. The first challenge was to simplify the flows, journeys and make the tool as intuitive and fluid as possible for both user groups without losing the advanced functionalities developed for more expert users.

First step to build a UX strategy was to do some user research and map user flows. I also created personas and scenarios, a better information architecture that resulted in a smooth user navigation for both product and website.