Project Description

EVRYTHNG is the award-winning IoT cloud platform that connects any consumer product to the Web and manages real-time data to drive applications. Smart products don’t just deliver connected experiences and support services, they share data with enterprise systems and other device clouds for smarter ROI.



User research: personas, IA, userflows, user-journeys…


Final product redesign based on user research findings


User-centered approach advocate


Workshops and interviews with clients


As the first person ever in the company focused on user experience I had to tackle a huge challenge to untangle the product and advocate for a user-centric culture. First of all I needed to understand EVRYTHNG and the IoT:
  • What is the current state of the IoT?
  • Which technology is behind the service? Advantages? Disadvantages?
  • Who are EVRYTHNG users?
  • What are the business goals?


  • I interviewed users and internal stakeholders (Product managers, Customer success, Sales, Marketing, Engineers…) to gather as much feedback and information as possible about our users and their needs.
  • I developed personas based on all of this feedback and previous customer segmentation.
  • I worked on the information architecture of the platform and website (sitemaps, taxonomies, terminology…).
  • I conducted several user testing sessions to evaluate the current state of the platform in terms of usability.
  • I developed competitive analysis to find out how we are positioned in the IoT market and which are our advantages and gaps.
  • I organized several internal and external card sorting sessions to improve the overall platform navigation.
  • I developed main user journeys based on personas to identify paths, pain points and needs.
  • I analyzed all the internal metrics.
  • I held several workshops to show the findings to the company and prove the value of user research and user-centric approach and how it will save time and rework later in the project.

To cover our enterprise use cases I held several workshops with different clients to evaluate user needs, gather information to build user stories and new features (interviews, card sorting sessions…) and run usability testings (on-site and remote).

EVT workshop



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Reporting tool