Project Description


NomNom is a SaaS product that helps product and UX teams manage multiple sources of feedback and analyzing the qualitative insights more efficiently. Feedback helps make products better and NomNom helps make the process of identifying patterns in your feedback much easier.

Trusted by companies like Twilio, Wix, UserTesting and Tune.



User Research: user testing, IA, user interviews, JTBD, data analysis…


Product design based on user research findings, from wireframes to prototypes to final mockups.


Product strategy


  • Led all the research efforts across the company.

  • Onboarding flow redesign to be more intuitive and user-centric based on several research studies conclusions.

  • Search redesign to make it more user friendly and fit new user requirements like complex search queries, user segmentation, etc.

  • More powerful projects section to help users organize their user feedback, research findings and compile learnings.

  • Established good user-first processes across all departments, specially into the product team.

  • Developed and maintained an online styleguide and design system.

  • Designed and developed (wordpress) the marketing site of the company.

  • Helped to build and organize the product roadmap.


As a product focused in UX and product teams the whole user experience across the app has to be the best possible, intuitive and pixel perfect.

I helped the product team identify what improvements and features could help companies:

  • Work on the right problems

  • Turn insights into action

  • Planned and sent surveys across the UX community to build an external user testing group.

To achieve this and build the right solutions, I:

  • Organized and conducted remote usability testing sessions with tools like, Validately, Optimal Workshop, etc.
    These tests were run both with prototypes and existing features to evaluate their usability.

  • Interviewed customers to gather feedback about new and existing features.

  • Planned and sent surveys across the UX community to build an external user testing group.

  • Developed personas and Jobs-To-Be-Done based on user feedback and previous customer segmentation.

  • Worked on the information architecture of the app and website (sitemaps, taxonomies, terminology…).

  • Organized regular show-and-tell meetings with the rest of the team to present results and conclusions in order to keep everyone in the loop.

UX presentation deck.
JTBD Workshop
Card sorting session discussion.
New search brainstorm sessions wireframes.
New dashboard approach more focussed on NLP wireframes.


Documentation that helped illustrate ideas, user journeys, process flows and research outcomes to the rest of the team.

These documents needed to be very understandable and polished as they were frequently presented to real users to gather feedback on new improvements and features.

Userflow: NomNom onboarding.
NomNom: Jobs to be done.
NomNom basic styleguide. This was helpful for later on building an online styleguide in Frontify
Mental model: making sense of customer feedback.
New search feature flow.



Improved search to help users filter their feedback in NomNom.

Powerful analytics to help users visualize their feedback and research data.

Stats view

Highlight and comment the most important fragments of user feedback.

Give users the possibility of automating manual processes like deleting data, and tagging feedback automatically.
This was a great UX challenge as it’s a complex feature.

NomNom projects help users organize their user feedback and research findings.
Latest search version including query language editor, shortcuts and help.
Stats: feature to help users quantify their feedback easily with a full range of visualizations. This presents the whole feedback picture before digging deeper into specific customer issues.